About Us

Bitlucro is an Ireland based company that offers one of the best sustainable and Reliable investment services.

We are well structured, registered, incorporated, trademarked and regulated r by the Ireland ministry of finance and commerce.
We were incorporated and have been operating under the law since the August 22 2017.
We are prioritized in delivering excellence, quality and swift services for customer satisfaction while consistently being transparent, and expanding our Investors base both locally and internationally.

Built on active management

Talented investors working within a risk management framework to pursue excellent performance over market cycles.

Highest level of service

Skilled and motivated professionals serving investors, financial professionals, and consultants.

Sustainable approach.

Considering environmental, sustainability, and governance factors in operating our business and researching markets to invest.

Our Sustainability

We believe that the problem with most companies is that they’ve sacrificed the interests of others (their employees, their customers, their communities, and the environment) for their own financial benefit. They’ve behaved in a way our friends would not. This needs to change.
First, because business, done right, has the power to transform the world in which we live. Secondly, because behaviour is inextricably linked to building a valuable business. People increasingly want to work for, buy from and invest with ‘good’ companies. In line with this belief, we have developed our own framework (called the ‘Friends-lens’), based on our own code of conduct, to help assess how our potential and current investments are operating from a responsible investing perspective.